Collection: Aquatic Supplements

Aniamor Aqua Supplements

Aqua feed supplements are dietary products designed to provide additional nutrients to aquatic animals such as fish and shrimp in addition to their regular diet. These supplements are formulated to support the overall health and growth of aquatic animals and can come in various forms such as powders, and liquids.
 They can be used to address specific health concerns, such as disease prevention, growth enhancement, and improved feed conversion.

  • Disease prevention supplements are designed to support the immune system of aquatic animals and may include ingredients such as beta-glucans, vitamin C, and herbal extracts.
  • Growth enhancement supplements are formulated to promote growth and development in aquatic animals and may include ingredients such as protein, amino acids, and essential fatty acids.
  • Improved feed conversion supplements can help aquatic animals digest and utilize their food more efficiently, leading to improved growth and reduced waste. They may include ingredients such as enzymes and probiotics.
Overall, aqua feed supplements can be a helpful addition to a fish or shrimp's diet, providing essential nutrients that may be lacking in their regular food.