About Us

We are committed to raising the level of living as well as the health and wellbeing of animals worldwide.

With our knowledge in pet food and feed supplements, we provide a variety of equine, cattle, poultry, aqua, and swine supplements.

We are dedicated about enhancing the standard of living as well as the health and welfare of animals worldwide. As a premier supplier of animal feed supplements for a variety of animals, we are committed to providing our voiceless buddies with high-quality, reliable goods. Together, we can have a long-lasting effect on global health and build a world where everyone is happier and healthier.


Aniamor Nutrition

Aniamor vision is to create supplements that are made from the best quality  which helps in increasing the efficacy of all our products.

Our aim is to be a leading animal nutrition manufacturing company in India and become a Global player by continuously introducing new, innovative, and high quality supplements at an affordable cost.

Through our position as the acknowledged global leader in nutritional health care our vision is to be the world’s most trusted Pet Food manufacturer, recognized by international standards as a manufacturer and exporter of premium, innovative pet food that maintain your pet’s health and longevity.


Aniamor Nutrition Mission

The mission of Aniamor is to participate in the continuing evolution of the animal on earth toward universal harmony, peace and perfection by providing products and services for the purification and upliftment of the animal and their spirit.

To strengthen and prolong the unique bonds that exist between people and their pets.

Use our knowledge and expertise to bring innovation to the Petcare industry, offer products that improve the well-being of pets and are of the finest quality at reasonable costs.